The most beautiful sunny day transformed into the most beautiful foggy night

the smell. the silence. the softness.

and this is love too


  1. Stunning photos! I have to admit that I have a weakness for grey days :) Hope you are doing well!

    1. It is something magic about the world seeing it through the fog!
      I've never tried taking pictures of it before, but now I totally love it :)

  2. We are starting to get snow here in my little space in the world. Although it doesn't settle in my town it does in the mountains surrounding the views from my house. While everyone is complaining of the coldness, I love waking up to the dense fog surrounding the scenery and the frost covered grass. There's something so peaceful watching the fog lift to show a bright winter sky whilst curled up inside with thick socks and my wee babes. They were all winter babes so I guess it has made me partial to the season now.
    I never used to like it, I was a hot summer liking girl till I moved away from the sea and am now surrounded by beautiful snowy mountain tops.

    1. Ahh... Sounds like an awesom place to be...
      I've grown up like that... So I can see the beauty in it. But now, I'm a beach loving girl!
      All tho, living here north now, we only have a few months of sunshine and light.
      We live mostly in the dark and cold.

      But there is beauty in that as well