I've been away, obviously... Time just flew by so so fast

But we have been shooting, all tho - she's not so into it as she used to be
We will finish this years 52 project, I will upload all the pictures which are cramping my disc, but my hope to continue the project next year might be impossible

You know teenagers, they don't have time... for anything except school and friends 

So, this is a little preview of what's to come. I just have to do some edits +++ 
And then there will be like 12? weeks worth of pictures from the project coming your way

This is her Halloween look for tonight
She did all the make up and lashes herself, and I forced her to pose for me for a couple of shots before running out the door to a Halloween party

Prettiest dead girl I've ever seen 

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A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014

Sara is playing around with makeup these days, and really like black lipstick. 
I told her no way she gets to go out the door looking like that, but that I could try to take a couple of cool photographs of her. 
And these are the result

Favs from last week linkup

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A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014

If you are living with a teen, you know they can be angels one minute, and something else the next.
Lucky for me the angel appears more often in this house
and today I caught her on camera


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Perfect for Two

Just peeking in real fast before I start painting the bedroom.

Sara was sleeping in this morning, and I had my first coffee at our tiny kitchen table by myself. 
We were finally done with that space late last night, and when the sun came through the windows this morning, I just had to snap a couple of shots with my phone. A table perfect for two. 
Or just one, like earlier today.  



It's time

5 months ago I did this list. When I look back on it now, I can see the depression seep through my sentences. 5 months is not a long time, but oh, a lot have happened since then. It almost feels like a lifetime ago. So it's time to do it again

I'm taking stock

Making : a tiny, but cosy home for me and my daughter
Cooking : easy healthy meals
Drinking : coffee, black 
Reading: nothing really, other than blogs ofc
Wanting: a coffee-table
Looking: @ pictures. On interiorblogs, pinterest and IG
Playing: music while painting. Love this one 
Wasting: very little
Sewing: the answer to this will probably always be nothing
Wishing: the summer will hang around for a long time
Enjoying: Life as it is, right now
Waiting: for the paint to dry
Liking: this  b e a u t i f u l  home
Wondering: about everything and nothing
Loving: being single
Hoping: no gorgeous men will cross my path, so I can stay single for a very long time. hahaha.... 
Marvelling: over how much things change in such little time
Needing: nothing at the moment. I'm content! And it feels good.
Smelling: seabutter and warm vanilla
Wearing: oversized black, grey and white - most of the time.
Following: a lot of feeds over at IG
Noticing: everything fall into place
Knowing: him leaving the relationship was the right thing to do
Thinking: I should have had the balls to do it myself a long time ago
Bookmarking: this cute post over at Bohemian Diesel
Opening: my heart to new people
Giggling: several times every day
Feeling: this was the right move for us. Feeling happy... 


A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014

When Sara saw the apartment for the first time, empty - yellow and small, she wasn't feeling too great about it. 
She was more like "this is not going to be cosy"... 
But now we are all moved in, and even tho we don't have much - the rug, plants and couch instantly made the apartment more snug and cute. And for the last two days, we've been painting like crazy, turning this tiny place all white and gorgeous. 

To be honest, Sara hasn't been much help in that area, she's more into painting herself than the wall - 
I just had to laugh when I saw this, and send her on her way... 
But thanks for the tiny bit you did paint  

There is still a lot of work to be done here... But oh boy, it will be so nice when we/well - I am done. 

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Just a few pics from today. 

We've managed to move in some of the things we now own. 
A bed and washingmachine will be arriving tomorrow. We are still missing a fridge, but hey! 
I can survive on coffee for a long time? Eh. 

1. The cutest wooden bowl I bought at Palma. Seriously! I'm in love. I've been petting it all day
2. The best rug ever, from bohus, white couch, blanket and jungle
3. Another bowl and cups, also from bohus 
4. The view from the kitchen window
5. A corner of the livingroom, door leading to the bedroom. And yes, I am really aming for a jungle!

There might be a little makeover going on soon. I hope I get to paint everything white. Time will tell. 
But overall - I love this cute little space. And more pictures will come later! 


When I was younger I wanted people around me all the time. 
I wanted people to visit me, if they couldn't I would visit them - And if I knew I had a night coming up without Sara, I had to plan something to do - perhaps drink - and figure out who I could socialise with. Because being alone, God damn, how boring was that? 
Alone? No way! 

But something changed in my late 20's. The need to have people around me all the time slowly went away, I started to love my own company, the silence and the calm. I became calm, finally. If I had a weekend without Sara, I started spending it home instead of going out. Just enjoying the easy slow mornings and even more slow evenings. I loved it. 

From then on and out, being alone when I want to, became important to me.

For the last month Sara and I have been refuges, or nicely told: on a very long summer vacation.
We've been living with friends, family, on hotels, travelling with airplanes, cars and boats. 
We've been social times 10, all day - every day.
I get tired just thinking about it. 

Today we got the keys to our new apartment. And I look forward to move in, to throw my feet on the table and just settle down. Being with friends and family, being social, going on vacations is all fine and dandy - 

but to come home, isn't that the best part of it all?! 



A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014

Overtired at the beach
Laughed until she cried
Time to go home
It was late

Haven't had time to go through all the photos from this weeks link ups, also I've been to busy to comment like I usually do. Later this week I'm sure things will calm down a bit over here, and we can start getting into our normal routines. It will be nice.

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As some of you know, I recently started sharing some pictures over at instagram. 
But it was the same pictures you could find here on the blog. 

You see, me and Sara have been timesharing one phone for over a year
A broken phone
Or really, A phone with a broken camera

Everyone have been ranting about instagram for years, but I never really got into it
I couldn't. Until now

Yesterday I bought a new phone
And I didn't get much sleep
Because I ended up exploring feeds, and couldn't for my life put my phone down

I'm sooo behind, but oh my - I LOVE instagram! 


And I will from now on, share a lot of pictures over there, which will not be found here
So if you want to see what we are up to outside of the blog, or maybe you are wondering what the story is behind the picture above? 
Then - head over to my feed  @sagabysteinsdotter

If you know of some beautiful feeds I SHOULD follow, let me know

PS. And how great is it, that I don't NEED to always have my big camera with me everywhere



my new shoes. I travelled up here with my winter boots only. Bad idea! So needed something light for these hot days. And in the second photo, Sara is wearing my kimono, from H&M. 

I could see why you would be fooled... But this is not Greece, it's Lofoten, Norway 


The most beautiful sunny day transformed into the most beautiful foggy night

the smell. the silence. the softness.

and this is love too



A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014

Week 28 was all about family + having a good time... 
And we went to the most beautiful beach in Norway, The Haukeland beach.. 
As always, Sara was playing around, making shapes and art with her body and I managed to snap this gorgeous shot of her. 

Loving the portraits from both Hello Suzy & Monkey and Squirrel this week

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This Morning

We are staying at my aunt's house while we are visiting Lofoten. 
The house is an old converted barn, and it's filled with everything retro.... But I love old cute chairs, and the coffee is good



Sometimes people around you won't understand your journey. They don't need too, it's not for them


The little Things

I am really loving this "starting over" project of mine 
Having nothing, and then slowly gather the things I need and want. Being selective 
Really think things through before buying, and appreciate the items I get 
Loving it 

My plan is to get hold of as much cheap thrifted furniture as possible. I'm talking things like dining table, couch and refrigerator and give them a make over. Probably a bed as well, but I will for sure buy a new top mattress.... Everything else, the small stuff, will be carefully picked out. I don't want to fill my new home from top to bottom. And the little I buy, I try to find in natural materials with an organic feel when it comes to color and texture... 

Everything in these pictures I got from Åhlens, except the bowl and my new little friend
they I got at kremmerhuset 
Isn't he cute? all tho - not natural

To read more about how we ended up with this "starting over" project
you can have a look at these posts


Did I mention I'm sooo loving this?



A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014

Week 27 was the week we came home! 
The flight up was terrible due to rain and wind, but today the sun smiled and the sea sang the most beautiful song. 
For a moment there, we just sat and enjoyed the view and it was like our hearts were beating just a little bit slower. 
We had arrived

I am really loving these  g o r g e o u s  photos over at Wendieland this week!!! 

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Dead Meat

Right now I'm really really sick. The flu hit me hard a couple of days ago. So I'm just laying here on the couch, trying to gather strength to get on the airplane tomorrow with the teen, our luggage and Coco the cat. Have you ever been flying while having the flu and fever? I haven't, but it doesn't sound nice!

If you have any tips that can help me get well faster, please share
because we have so much to do the following weeks, and right now I'm just dead meat
I'm too beat to even read blogs, and that NEVER happens



A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014

Week 26 has been a busy one, and the highlight was Saturday. We travelled to Oslo to be a part of EuroPride. One of Sara's closest friends is gay, so she feels it's very important to celebrate/ and shout out for equal rights. Or as they say: To love is a human right. 

I am proud to have a daughter who tries to see everyone as equal, and not judge you on things like sex, race, religion or who you love... 

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A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014

On the floor in the empty apartment, with a phone in her hand, waiting for our ride. 
She's been a good help these days. As everyone knows, it sucks moving OUT (moving IN is just a cosy process). 
So right about now, she's tired, hungry, cranky, sad and doesn't wanna speak to me.
And I feel the same way...  

There will be no favs this week. I am going to clean the last floors, and we will wave goodbye to this town and head to my father for a much needed vacation. 

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